Taylored For Texas
Welcome to Taylored for Texas

Welcome to Hill Country elegance and unique Southern Style.  Welcome to exceptional craftsmanship in furniture that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Taylored For Texas offers one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, Ranch, Tuscan, and Hacienda style furniture items.  No one item is identical to another.  Using his God-given talents, artist, Scott Taylor, showcases his ability to create unique and highly sought after pieces utilizing reclaimed wood, aged doors, and other vintage elements.  Each piece is created with great attention to detail and then amorously engraved by the builder.  With Taylored For Texas, you have the great assurance of knowing your piece will be created by hand, by a craftsman right here in Texas, and made with the finest products available.

Our Testimonials

My wife and I have been fans of Taylored For Texas from the first time we saw them in Canton. I like to think we have a one of a kind wheel cart that was made especially for us, but I am sure if you want one, Scott will build it!! What I like most about the furniture is the workmanship that goes into each piece. They are built to last. I never get tired of looking down and seeing those three little crosses! I have no doubt that these will be our 'antiques' when we are old and gray. God Bless.